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Shay Chazon
Excellent professional and super clean service! I was looking for a company that I can trust with my Kitchen remodeling project, NY budget was set and firm and…


Sar Eldar:
BK Remodelers did a whole new addition in my house, they provided me with an architect a 3D design. I want to thank Ilan the project manager for taking care of my needs amazing service, fin…


I had a 600 SF new construction on my back yard and I’m so happy with the service the people I worked with the project manager and everybody in the office! Always answered the phone always took care o…


Kelly Gonzalez:
I have used BK Remodelers for many projects in my personal home, and in my rent houses. This company has always done very good work and an even better price…


Elena S.:
Ilan and his team are just awesome! They are super professional, clean and quick. They know exactly what needs to be done and do it in a very precise way. Its not that I was running out of options but I was surely running out of reliability factor.


David I:
They did nice job converting our garage into an extra room. Ilan and his team were professional and kind. I had a chance to work with many contractors in my life and I have to praise Ilan for his help…


Edward F:
We had our small bathroom renovation done by BK Remodelers and we are happy with the final result. Ilan was on time to meet my wife and I and he was very informative and kind.


Cinthia B:
Ilan and BK Remodelers are great! We had our upstairs bathroom remodeled from top to bottom. Tiles, countertops, bath tub, shower heads, you name is we changed it. From the very start everyone in the office were great and corporative, taking each of our questions very seriously.


Services Performed
Home Remodeling
Ilan came up with a beautiful design for our kitchen which included a big island with waterfall countertop. Construction was fair on time and on budget. Thank you.


Services Performed
Pool And Spa Cleaning
We got our pool done by BK Remodelers and are very pleased with the end result. It took 3 months from start to finish. Ilan came with his designer and came up with an amazing layout which exceeded our expectations. We thought we may have issues with inspection due to the property location but, all went well. Thanks

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